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SALUBRIOUS NATURAL THERAPIES™ is a holistic natural health centre offering Classical Homeopathy. This comprehensive homeopathic centre is located in Flynn, a suburb in the Belconnen district of Canberra, located within the Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Homeopathy in Canberra has been blossoming over the years. More and more people in Canberra are getting to know the wide range of application of Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 1790s. Homeopathy is a gentle form of natural therapy widely used worldwide. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, the founder of Homeopathy experimented and thoroughly studied a lot of findings before introducing Homeopathy to the world. Homeopathy operates on the principle- ‘Like Cures Like’ where the symptoms produced by substances in healthy individuals are used to tackle similar symptoms present in individuals not in health.

At Salubrious Natural Therapies™, we practice Classical Homeopathy as advocated by its founder, Samuel Hahnemann. Along with the classical homeopathy; we provide support and guidance with nutrition, lifestyle and counselling designed to your individual need. Homeopathy is one of the gentle forms of natural therapies commonly used in Australia and around the world.

Salubrious Natural Therapies™, a comprehensive centre, is run by Divya Bhatt, a medically trained classical homoeopath from India. Divya Bhatt is a MD Homeopath with loads of experience in helping people from all age group with Homeopathy.
Homoeopathy is a natural therapy which is individualized in its approach to discover the cause of your discomfort.
Come to discover your deeper self to embrace, love and nurture. Let’s take the first step towards wellness through classical homoeopathy. Embrace self, embrace wellness.


YOU are the first to sense when YOU ARE NOT WELL.
Come Experience! The Holistic Healing with Classical Homoeopathy to discover the Healthy YOU.
Embrace self, Embrace wellness!

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Embrace self, Embrace wellness!

Come Experience! The Holistic Healing with Classical Homoeopathy to discover the Healthy YOU.


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