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SALUBRIOUS NATURAL THERAPIES™ is a natural health centre which exclusively offers Classical Homeopathy in Canberra.

SALUBRIOUS NATURAL THERAPIES™ is a comprehensive natural therapy centre established with the sole aim of helping each and everyone lead a fulfilling healthy life. WE provide a wide range of holistic services like Homeopathy to support your health while experiencing symptoms of day to day ailments like Common Cold, Allergies, Skin disorders, Urinary complaints, Gastric complaints, Children illnesses, Women complaints, Men Complaints, Chronic conditions like headache, joint pain, intestinal disorders, digestive problems, muscular pain, depression and many more.

Homoeopathy individualizes to your needs. Homoeopathic remedies are tailored to YOUR symptoms and personality traits along with the reason of your discomfort. Homoeopathy works with the body’s own natural healing energy and empowers it.

When you come in for a consultation, every effort is made to understand your concerns and issues completely. Homeopathy is unique form of natural therapy as it involves an in-depth case taking to chart down the present ailments along with past ailments affecting a person as a whole. Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 1790s. Homeopathy is a gentle form of natural therapy widely used worldwide. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, the founder of Homeopathy experimented and thoroughly studied a lot of findings before introducing Homeopathy to the world. Homoeopathy operates on the principle-‘ Like Cures Like’ where the symptoms produced by substances in healthy individuals are used to tackle similar symptoms present in individuals not in health.

Salubrious Natural Therapies

Homeopathy is unique like YOU. You are important and unique. Homeopathy is designed to your specific need. Homeopathic case taking is a unique art of getting into conversation with observation and collecting of information from you to define the cause and effect of an issue.

Homeopathy digs deep into your life to deal the health issues from the root cause. We understand a lot of events and situations contribute to your health. The symptoms gathered in the Homeopathic case taking is matched with symptoms recorded in our homeopathic materia medica to choose a remedy unique to you to empower your healing power.

Along with the thorough case taking, analysis and in-depth understanding of the individual to choose a suitable homoeopathic remedy, we provide you guidance with-

  • Emotional and social well-being to tackle health-related issues

  • Lifestyle management with advice on maintaining a well-balanced personal and professional life

  • Health management with the importance of a well-balanced nutritious diet, exercise, meditation etc… are emphasised.

The history of your health issues obtained from homeopathic case taking makes the basis for a homeopath to go further into the physical examination and laboratory studies in order to define the problem more accurately. This helps us to help you better.

We believe each person we meet is unique in all respects.Homeopathy considers this uniqueness while helping you with homeopathy. Homoeopathic case taking helps us to know the true individual to explore the true picture. Furthermore, from all the data collected we arrive at a totality in its true sense to choose the suitable homeopathic remedy unique to you. Every individual is different in health as well as in illness. For instance, consider in your family. Let’s say everyone in the family catches cold, one may present with running nose, other may present with fever and cough, while another person may present with just stuffed nose. See, though we belong to the same family, every one of us respond in our own unique way. This is where homeopathy comes into action.

Likewise, emotional and social well-being is equally important to enjoy wholesome health. Would you be able to enjoy a trip to your friend’s place if you were sad? NO; Would you be able to prepare a healthy meal for your family if you were stressed? NO; Would you be able to plan something special for the person you love if you are disturbed? Definitely NO. Thus, a sense of wellbeing emotionally, socially and physically is very important to feel healthy. This is goal of SALUBRIOUS NATURAL THERAPIES™

DIVYA BHATT is MD Homeopath with more than 10 years of experience. She is practising homeopathy in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory since 2016.

Salubrious Natural Therapies



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