We are being blessed with an invaluable gift called life. The body is the vehicle which takes us on this fabulous journey. Like how our body needs detoxification, so also our soul needs to be detoxified. We eat nutritious food to provide energy to our body. Likewise, our soul needs food as well. Now, let’s take that very important first leap towards emotional growth.

So, now what is emotional well-being? For physical well-being, we exercise and eat balanced healthy diet. What do we do for emotional balance? Will eating healthy nutritious food help? Yes, of course. But, the most important factor is being happy. Along with leading a physically active life, it is very crucial for us to lead an emotional active life. When was the last time you stopped by to give a smile to another person? When was the last time you switched off your mobile for a whole day to spend some quality time with family? When was the last time you enjoyed playing a game with your parent or kids? When was the last time you laughed till your stomach hurt?

All such simple things give us immense joy. This is what we may call emotionally healthy. It is necessary to keep in touch with people we know. It is good to stop for a while to spend some time talking about our problems with our loved ones. After all, how would anyone know if we did not share? The more we share, the better we feel. It's not only sharing, equally important is nourishing good thoughts. The more positive we are in our attitude; the more positivity is around us and good things follow.

Emotional and physical well being

The very first step towards emotional growth is being thankful for what we have in life. Let’s celebrate today for the joy of living. Let’s thank for this beautiful life. So, we need to exercise our soul, feed it with good thoughts to help us lead a well-fulfilling emotionally strong life. 


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