Everyone is born with a dream. We are born, small beautiful souls each one of us. As a baby, we tried to explore and learn new things. We enter this realm called life with so many aspirations, dreams, and ideas. As we start growing, the baby inside seems to take a backseat. We are engulfed in this Life trying to reach something, fulfill something, accomplish something, complete something, discover something, innovate something. We want to fulfill that very something, we want to reach that top. We want to reach for the skies. Oh, how we would love to be in that rush. Every moment we step out we want to reach somewhere.

But, in all this rush, do we ever try to sit back and think. Have we ever tried to press the pause button for a second?

As I was planning to write this, I sat with a cup of coffee, trying to figure out what I have done and what I’m yet to do. Then, I came across these beautiful children playing happily.

What a happy sight! The moment was so fulfilling. It was a joy to watch them. I wanted to leave everything to join them. Oh, how I wished to be a child again. How I wished to be a careless gain. How I wished to be innocent again.

This incident made me sit back and think. What do I need? What do I want to do with this priceless life? What do I want to accomplish in this life? Lets today sit down and ask ourselves. What exactly do I want? To find the answer to this question, we first need to KNOW OURSELVES.

Come let’s explore the different aspects of our life. Let’s sit down and think. Take that first step to help ourselves. Take that first initiative to move ahead. Take that first step towards the direction of self-love. Take that first step to knowing ourselves better.


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