‘YOU are the first to sense when YOU ARE NOT WELL’
Every individual is unique and Homoeopathy considers this uniqueness while working out a suitable homoeopathic remedy to support your overall health. Homoeopathy individualizes to your own specific need.

Come Experience! The Holistic Healing with Classical Homoeopathy to discover the Healthy YOU.
Embrace self, Embrace wellness!

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We understand that distance may be challenging at times to come for face-to-face consultations. In such cases, online consultations are available. All you need is a skype account to connect. For convenience, please fill the online form. Also note, payment is compulsory before the consultation as the prescription, remedies and other details will be sent only after the payment is received.

All enquiries will be handled with professionalism and confidentiality.
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Please forward the related medical records (old and new) to info@salubriousnaturaltherapies.com

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