Salubrious Natural Therapies is bursting with activities. Workshops are done all through the year to create awareness on various topics. We have interesting workshops and information sessions all year round. A event is confirmed after sufficient number of people express interest in a common workshop.

Some of the exciting workshops are:

  •Homoeopathic Awareness Workshop: A one day workshop where you would be introduced to the basic fundamentals of homoeopathy. The Homoeopathic Home Kit is introduced and some homoeopathic remedies are discussed.

  •Mums with Bubs workshop: This one day workshop is exclusively for women and new mothers who are challenged about looking after their bundle of joy. Simple relaxation techniques and feeding guidance is offered.

  •Vision workshop: A single day workshop where we would introduce you to simple eye exercises and daily care of eyes.

  •Meditation- Just for few minutes : In this workshop you will learn about the simple and basic techniques of meditation to help you relax and be more calm.

Workshops dates are confirmed depending on the number of people expressing their interest. People interested feel free to contact us. We will notify the available dates.


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