Homeopathy in Canberra has been blossoming over the years. More and more people in Canberra are getting to know the wide range of application of Homoeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in the 1790s. Homeopathy is a gentle form of natural therapy widely used worldwide. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, the founder of Homeopathy experimented and thoroughly studied a lot of findings before introducing Homeopathy to the world. Homeopathy operates on the principle-‘ Like Cures Like’ where the symptoms produced by substances in healthy individuals are used to tackle similar symptoms present in individuals not in health.

Homeopathy is individualistic in its approach. Every individual is unique and Homeopathy considers this uniqueness while working out a suitable homeopathic medicine to support the overall health of an individual. Homeopathy individualizes to your own specific need. Homeopathy is more interested in the INDIVIDUAL who is affected. What circumstances in YOUR LIFE cause the illness? What it means to YOU? How YOU feel about it? What is IMPORTANT to YOU? What YOU expect from Homeopathy?

The homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural sources as per the instructions left behind by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. The homeopathic remedies are matched to the symptoms experienced by you and your personality type after a thorough case taking while tracing an your life from birth to date. Homeopathy penetrates deep into your life investigating the main cause of the ailment.

We homeopaths are interested in your health: emotional, physical and social well-being. You are one who knows when you are not well. You sense it within you. Homeopathy tries to deal with this sense of being unwell to help your body to heal itself. Homeopathy empowers your body from within and builds immunity.

A Homeopath tries to find the answers to the ‘whys’ of the clients: Why are they unwell? What are the issues surrounding them which has led to this state? Why did they fall sick? Why do they react in a specific way to life situations? Why do they express their emotions and react differently? Homeopathy involves going deep into the root cause of an illness. 

Homeopathic case taking involves taking the details of human nature, their mental and emotional makeup. In homeopathy, a person’s feelings and reactions take high priority in prescribing a homeopathic remedy. For example, consider three people suffering from a headache, it is not necessary that each one of them presents with the same symptoms. The first one may present with the throbbing type of a headache, while the second may present with severe restlessness and tension headache, and the third may present with heavy sensation and a dull headache. So, you see everyone responds to the same illness in their own unique way. Homeopathy considers this uniqueness while working out a suitable homoeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic remedies try to align their energy with the Body’s own natural healing energy and empower this energy to ease the discomfort in the body. Homeopathic remedies penetrate deep within to remove the root cause.

Along with the thorough case taking, analysis and in-depth understanding of YOU to choose a suitable homoeopathic remedy, clients are also provided support with- 

1.  Emotional and social well-being to tackle health-related issues

2.  Lifestyle management with advice on maintaining a well-balanced personal and professional life.

3.  Health management with the importance of a well-balanced nutritious diet, exercise, meditation etc… are emphasized.

Come Experience! The Holistic Approach with Classical Homeopathy to discover the Inner YOU. Come, experience the uniqueness of CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY in tackling your issues. Empower YOUR health with homeopathy!


Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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