MEDITATION is to know yourself, MEDITATION is to sense your breath. MEDITATION is to feel the inner you. MEDITATION is to hear that inner sound. MEDITATION is enjoying the harmony inside.

You do not have to sit in a dark room to meditate. You need not be in a very quiet place to meditate. Just sitting down and seeing around is a form of meditation. Waking up with a smile, letting yourself feel the morning freshness is itself a meditation. Taking that extra minute to enjoy that sip of coffee is itself a meditation.

We are so pushed by the busy life, targets to achieve, messages to answer, photo to upload on our account, that we forget to enjoy those nuances of life. Meditation makes us more receptive to everything around. When you feel yourself, you can feel everything around.

Lets for a second feel the air touching our face. Let's turn around and smile. Let's sit down and eat our meal by relishing it bite by bite. Let's close our eyes for one second to thank for everything. Let's celebrate the nature around. Let's listen to the music of nature around. Let's enjoy the color around. Let's sit just relax for a while.

Come to Salubrious Natural Therapies to enjoy a not so conventional form of meditation. Come, let's celebrate our inner self, come let's celebrate life. Come, let's meditate.


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